Guitar Workshop

Now also for the iPhone and Android Phone!

Guitar Workshop is an app for everyone.

Whether you’re just starting out with guitar or you’re an experienced guitarist, Guitar Workshop is the perfect app to learn, maintain, or improve your skills.

This app is also suitable for left-handed people.

With 20 interactive practice modules and handy search features, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a better player.

If you want to play blues, rock, classical, Latin, jazz, or any other style, Guitar Workshop has all the exercises, techniques, and chords you need to learn your favorite musical style.

Guitar teachers can use this app to great effect to give their students exercises. You can find very specific exercises that students need to improve their skills. And advise them to do these exercises daily. There is, among other things, an extensive module to train music theory and to learn where all the notes are on the neck. Including an extensive reporting page where progress can be tracked.

Guitar Workshop is developed by an experienced teacher with over 50 years of experience in teaching guitar.

He has used his knowledge and expertise to create an app that is both effective and fun.

Check out these examples:

Improve your fingerpicking skills.

With these 25 different patterns in 3 different time signatures, you’ll learn to use all four of your fingers independently.
From simple arpeggios like in ‘House of the Rising Sun’ to intricate Travis Picking patterns.

Perfect for blues, pop, country, classical, and folk

Very useful exercises to learn how to move your fingers independently and gain total control over them. You control which finger you want to move/place, not the fingers themselves!

These exercises are great as a warm-up before you start working on your pieces.

From exercise 5, we’re talking about ‘spider’ exercises because your fingers move across the neck like a spider.

The Solo Guitarist’s Roadmap.

To create solos that are instantly recognizable, it’s important to not stay in one scale the whole time.

As a base, you have the pentatonic scale, and you can combine it with two other scales in any key.

nooToon is a comprehensive tool for learning to read music that is fully customizable to the user’s level.
“It offers the following features: Notes with or without sharps and flats.
Notes in the first 5 positions or all over the neck.
Notes on a staff with fixed accidentals.
Practice without or with a timer. A comprehensive report of your progress
And you don’t need a guitar to use it, so you can practice anywhere, on the train, in the garden, or wherever you want

This style is one of those that really lets the guitar shine.

It’s especially well-suited for the classical guitar with nylon strings, but the electric guitar sounds great too. The unusual chords from jazz music also make it a fantastic way to expand your chord library.

The most common patterns are shown in sheet music and tabs and are played for you.”;

Wilfred van der Kluft